Bad Blogger

I’ve been bad about keeping up this week, but we’ve been extremely busy. So I guess it’s a good thing! I’ve put all my spare time into studying and working on the calendar. Miss E has been absolutely wonderful all week. I could write 2 pages on the adorable things she’s said. Going back to work is seriously going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Two months ago, it wouldn’t have been so hard. But it’s killing me to think I can’t spend as much time with her as I do now. I love watching her grow and learn. I love the things she comes up with. Like on Monday we were putting on clothes and I put my Panther’s jersey on. She said, “Touchdown Panther’s shirt, mommy!” I smiled then moved to her room and grabbed her cheerleading outfit and when I put it on she pointed to the Panther, threw her hands up and said, “Go Panther’s!” I can’t believe she understood the differences in the shirts. The jersey was like what the players wear when they score touchdowns, the dress was what the cheerleaders wore and cheered in. It amazes me what she understands.
So I enrolled for the PRAXIS 2 exams for Jan. 10. Keep me in your prayers, because I’m going to need it! 2 tests and 1 starts at 7:30. EWWW!!! But this is something I have to do…
We went to gym on Wed. and E had sooo much fun. I was able to talk to the Gymboree people and they aren’t going to charge me until after Christmas so I can keep taking her until I have to go back to work. So I guess I know where my Christmas money is going! She danced the whole class. Thankfully I had my camera to capture some of it.
Isn’t she cute? I know I’m biased, but still.
We got some Christmas present money today from the wonderfully amazing Aunt Charlotte that we needed to use so I could wrap them time. Can you believe X-mas is 2 weeks away?? I’m excited, but it’s happening too fast. If anyone would like to join us on Christmas, we’re having people over for a low-key lunch. Let me know if you’d like to stop by, we’d love to have you! After shopping, we came home so E could nap and then we headed to my friend Brandon’s house. He plays music really well and learned a couple of songs just for E. She loved it. She danced around singing and stomping her feet. She also played on his Foosball table and said, “Baby playing Foosball!” I don’t know where she learned the word because neither of us remembered saying it. And we both heard her say it. It was too freakin weird! Well, I’m going to close for now. I’ve got some studying to do. I hope everyone has had a great week. I know we have!


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