Glad mom is home!

It was nice to spend the day with mom, even though she’s still under the weather. She let me sleep in until 10:30, which was nice. After I woke up I played with E until her nap time. She was in such a great mood. I’m not sure she really had a nap, but at least she rested. I heard her talking most of the time and by 1:45 it was time to get up. After lunch we ran to Toys R Us to get a Santa item. I found this dollhouse a few months ago and fell in love with it. My Me-maw asked me what she needed, so I came up with a list and I went to show mom the stuff today and saw they were sold out online. So, we went by there to see if they had it and thankfully they did. I did way too much research to let that one get by! I can’t wait to see her face when Santa leaves it. 🙂 We also found a Belle doll with a pony that the doll can ride, so we got that too. After shopping we went to Lowes to get some flowers for out front. Then ran to the grocery. I made dinner and then we played, read, rocked and she went to sleep. Not much else to report. Oh, except I got a notification from my insurance saying our bill is going up to $400 in January! I’m not happy about that AT ALL! That’s just nuts. I really hope who ever becomes president will do something about insurance quickly. I’m not for public health care, but there needs to be breaks for people who have private insurance. Especially people like me who don’t want to depend on the government but needs a break every once in a while.

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