That’s the word of the day… I was a bit frustrated. I’ve been trying to work on colors with her and it’s not going so well. I think she’s either protesting out of spite or is color blind. I mean if the kid can rewind a VCR tape to the part she wants to watch (and hit play), see a plow on tv and yell plow, see an animal once and say it’s name… then why can’t she tell me the color of her favorite toy which she’s been told a thousand times? I got aggravated when I was trying to work with her on it and wouldn’t give her the toy until she told me the color. She would keep yelling no, so I gave up. Then anything I’d ask her to do she’d yell no. She looked really pale today, so maybe she’s coming down with something or it’s her last tooth breaking through. She’s been gnawing on her fingers all day asking for her passy. Which I’m debating to get rid of. She only has it when she sleeps and it pops out right after she falls asleep. So, it’s not really hurting anything, but still…
She didn’t wake up until 9 and let me sleep until 9:45 before saying my name. She likes to play with her toys in her crib, so it give me an extra 30-45 minutes of much needed sleep. Then she took a 2 hour nap. She didn’t feel feverish, so I don’t know. While she was sleeping I made her a ribbon holder for all of her bows. It’s really cute. Then I saw mom’s stack of fliers for Nationwide and felt guilty I haven’t passed them out yet. So when she woke up we walked the back half of my neighborhood to pass them out. Let me say, IT WAS HOT! And I didn’t realize how many hills we have. I got a major workout pushing the stroller. Not going to be fun for Halloween, but hopefully it’ll be cooler and not as hard. I’ve worked on the calendar the rest of the day and only have 1 more best bet to write and I’m done for the week. Well, I’m headed to bed. Hope everyone had a great day!


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