a bit better, well…

Neil came to fix the sink. Yea! Somehow it got clogged with macaroni. Now there is drano all under the sink and I have a splitting headache, so it will have to wait until tomorrow to be cleaned. The whole house needs to be cleaned but I need the strength to do it. The doc called and said hopefully we’ll hear something tomorrow about the test results. They have to wait for the cultures to grow something, if there is something wrong. Then run more tests if something does grow. So who knows what the deal is. I just want to hear that it’s nothing and she’ll get better soon. She at least hasn’t had another bad diaper since this morning. She’s eaten almost a whole thing of puffs. That’s about the only thing she wants to eat right now. Judi brought baby food and rice cereal and she won’t even taste it. Her fav words today have been “not nice.” Everything is not nice. Poor baby girl. She at least played all day and was sweet until this evening. Of course that is when my head started hurting. Well, I’ll keep you posted on the test results. Hope everyone had a better day than us. Things have to get better now!!!


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