I want my mommy

So as if I wasn’t already having a funky night last night… it got so much worse. We had a storm that came through from 5-8. It was pretty nasty but our house didn’t see the worst of it. I was on the couch watching Office Space and the next thing I knew the power shut off. I freaked out not knowing where a lighter (I quit smoking) or a flash light would be. I found a lighter with the light from my laptop and then found the flash light. I called Rachael all freaked out thinking someone was coming to kill me. It was 11 and the storm had been over for some time. I look outside and see that there is no power in the whole neighborhood. I call the power company and they said it wouldn’t be back on until 11 am. So I called Morgan and she invited us out there. So I took her up on it. I was freaked out majorly! There are too many doors in this house and it gets too hot. So we got to Morgan’s at midnight. Ella decides not to go back to sleep. She kicked me (in the face, ribs, jaw, stomach) the whole night and I was woken up every hour. I wasn’t too happy!
We woke up at 8:30 and Ella and Ari played for a little while. I fed her breakfast and felt guilty about the dogs. I called the house and realized the power was back on. So we came back and as I was feeding the dogs, the power shut back off. I tried to get Ella to take a nap so I could sleep too and she screamed for almost 3 hours. I took her to my bed and she finally went to sleep. I was too hot to fall back to sleep and too mad that the power company couldn’t tell me what time it’d be back on. When she got up we went to Chuck E Cheese to grab lunch and let her run around to play. She had a lot of fun in the toddler area. When we walked to where the big toys are, she freaked out a little bit and ran back to the toddler area. We stayed for over an hour and I called the house to see if the power was back on. It wasn’t, so we ran to Target and killed some time there. We got home to feed the dogs and the power came back on!! It was still too hot to stay inside, so we went to 5 Guys for dinner. Now we are back and still hot and pissy. Now if mom was home, none of this would be happening!! I’m putting Ella to bed and having a glass of wine. What a week!


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