strawberry patch

So yesterday Morgan and Ari came over to try out Ella’s new outside toys. I learned a lot from it… we need extra padding on the patio!

Ella got her first scraped knee. She was so excited to have Ari playing with her, she was running and fell. She cried for 30 seconds and was ready to play and not wanting me to be a mommy and put a band aid on it. The pollen was horrible, so we came inside to play. It has looked like it was snowing for the past 3 days from all the pollen flecks. We then went to Ben & Jerry’s and took a walk around the lake. I had to work last night and went by Rachael’s for a Cinco de Mayo party.

This morning we met Morgan, Ari and my friend Brian at Chick fil a for lunch then headed to the strawberry patch. Ella smashed a berry in her hands and got it EVERYWHERE!! This is before it got worse.It was awful! I know, let her be a kid. But, I can’t take icky messes. Especially when she tries to wipe them on me. I ran to the car to get a wipe and asked the farmer if they used chemicals because I swore I was smelling them. I was really pissed to find out they used fungicides and insecticides. Especially after Ella just put a berry in her mouth. They should post something like that. I wouldn’t have picked from there if I would have known. I’m going to have to research a place that’s either organic or natural. I washed every berry one by one to make sure all the nasty stuff got off of them. We stopped by Rachael’s to hang out. She got the stain out of Ella’s shirt and pants. I have no clue how to do that sort of thing. Ella had her first Guitar Hero experience.

She looks like a natural! We then ran to the Dollar Tree to pick up some stuff then headed home. We ate dinner then ran to Melanie’s. We first stopped by the church so I could vote. I’m independent, so I could choose what I wanted to vote for. So I had to make sure Hilary didn’t get another vote. We then got to Mel’s to hang out for a little while and picked up our baby pool. It needs a major cleaning! Ella loved Mel’s ferret Izzy. Mel was playing with her and Ella laughed for about 20 mins. And it was her cute deep belly laugh. It was adorable. Of course as soon as I got out my camera video she stopped. We then got home and I tried to get her to sleep in her bed. Didn’t work. So I brought her downstairs. Didn’t work. So I took her back up and walked away. No crying, nothing. Hasn’t woken up since. But if it’s been like the past 3 nights, she will wake up as soon as I get upstairs. She woke up at 4:30 last night and was up until about 6:30-7. I was miserable. I put her in her bed, she screamed. My bed, she tossed. I can’t take another night like that! Well, I’m going to try and creep up there now. I have another busy day tomorrow. I feel like we’ve been going non stop for 2 weeks. I need to clean, but I don’t have any time!! But I guess we all make choices 😉


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