Learning With Lauri- PlayMonster Party

We got to host a PlayMonster Learning With Lauri party over the weekend with 9 children ages 1-11 and the kids loved it! I was immediately intrigued with Lauri when I saw their Action Language Cards. My youngest has a speech delay and I’m always looking for new products to help her with her speech.


These cards are awesome! Not only are they great for young children learning new words, they are fun for older kids who can play games using the cards. Lauri also has other cards including Opposites, Go-Togethers, Categories, Nouns, Rhymes, and Manner cards.


The older kids loved the PlayMonster Lauri Action-Stackers – Little Builder Set. The connectors allow the pegs to go sideways or up and down so they can get more creative with their designs. The boys loved building cars!

The younger kids loved playing with the pegs. The Lauri Tall-Stackers – Pegs and Pegboard Set has 25 pegs that you can stack, sort, add, subtract, and build. They also loved sorting the PlayMonster Lauri Shape & Color Sorter.

Other favorites were Create-A-Scene Magnetic Farm and Lauri Crepe Rubber Puzzle. The Magnetic Farm reminds me of paper dolls, but farm animals. The kids had fun putting them on the farm and would be a great travel toy to keep them occupied in the car or at restaurants.

Lauri products began with the creation of Fit-A-Space in 1961 by a retired school
teacher. The product line provides Montessori style, educationally sound
learning activities available at affordable prices. Fans of Lauri are fans for life
and often preschool teachers, grandparents and parents of children with all
abilities, share stories of passing Lauri toys onto the next generation.

You can find Lauri products on Amazon.

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