Proud Mama

Do you ever feel like you overbook your life sometimes? I seriously need 2 or 3 of me sometimes! I’m very thankful E is now finished with dance until next Fall and her OT is soon about to be put on hold until school begins. I can’t believe she starts school in 3 months!! But hopefully I will have more time to put into my blog and soaking up whatever I can of my baby girl before she’s off to school.

This weekend was monumental for E for several reasons. On Friday, she lost her first tooth. She woke me up Friday morning saying her tooth hurt, so I told her to go brush her teeth. I deserve mom of the year for that one… We went to her OT session and on the car ride home I noticed her pushing her tooth with her tongue! This freaked me out because this all happened basically in a morning. I check her teeth regularly to see if they are loose and a few days before it wasn’t. So I spent the day worrying that her tooth was going to fall out during her recital. Which is something that would happen to us, in the middle of the show. E refused to eat anything, but during rehearsal, she got a craving for what the other kids were eating and had some Teddy Grahams (YUCK!).. The next thing I know she was crying and blood was in her mouth. I told her to spit and there was her tooth!

E did an amazing job at her first recital. I am such a proud mama!! She had so many issues when she began taking dance. The sensory processing disorder made tap excruciatingly hard for her and there were many many meltdowns in the beginning. The sounds of the shoes, music, and teacher telling her what to do made it do hard for her to get it. But she finally got it and was great! I was scared she would freeze on stage because of the lights, the crowd, the loud sounds. But she was amazing. She did get a little confused in her second performance about where she should stand, but she caught up and finished with the rest of them. I know how hard this was for her and I’m so happy she never gave up and enjoyed every minute of it. Seeing her on the stage with the rest of the kids put me at ease for her going to school this year. I know she will be able to hang with the rest of them!


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