Man Pans Pizza Pans

Every Monday night is homemade pizza night. We’ve been doing this for the past year since it is an easy meatless meal. ūüôā I made my dough for a while, but then we went gluten free for a month. We were testing to see if gluten was causing any behavioral and digestion issues with E, but it made no difference. But while we were on the gluten free kick, I discovered the best pre-made pizza crust from Udi’s. So now we go back and forth depending on how busy I am throughout my day.

A few weeks ago¬†ManPans¬†released their new pizza line and sent me a¬†Perforated Pizza Pan¬†to review. My family is in love! We love crispy crust that’s not too greasy. With traditional pans, you have to spray with oil and sometimes it can ruin the pizza. With the¬†ManPans perforated pizza pan¬†you don’t need to use any cooking spray and the crust turns out perfectly crisp every time!

Since we’ve had the 16″¬†ManPans pizza pan, we’ve tried homemade crust and Udi’s and both have been the best pizza’s we’ve had yet. I also have used the¬†pizza pan¬†to reheat zucchini bread which gave it the crispness I was looking for. Here are some pictures of some of the yumminess we’ve cooked:


We all like different toppings, so usually it’s a mixed pizza. ūüôā We also participate in meatless Monday, so we do fruits and veggies on the pizza- unless we have leftover chicken in the fridge. I use cheeses like fetta, ricotta,¬†mozzarella, parm, romano, cheddar, and some mixed varieties. I also make our own sauce which is organic tomato paste, organic tomato sauce, organic italian seasoning, and organic garlic. I’m allergic to onions so we can’t use store bought stuff.

The ManPans Perforated Pizza Pan specs are:

  • Perforated Pizza Pan¬†16″ in diameter pizza pan¬†
  • ¬†Very durable, made of heavy 14-gauge (.063″) hard anodized aluminum.¬†
  • The perforation adds more snap to bottom of crust.¬†
  • The easy grip-lip makes removing your pizza from oven easy with an oven mitt.¬†
  • The perfect pan for home with commercial durability and performance Easy grip-lip rim¬†
  • Commercial Quality Hard Anodized .080 Aluminum Exceptional Durability¬†
  • PTFE Free, Water-Based Release Coating: Gem-X2 Easy Clean Up Heat Safe to 700 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Only $21.99!!

ManPans uses .080 aluminum that is is coated with Gem-X2. Not only are the pans non-toxic they are manufactured in a eco-friendly way. You can read more about that here. The Gem-X2 release coating is water-based, and is 100% PTFE free and free from any fluoropolymer coatings. The coating will not scratch or flake off into your food.

Until January 1, 2012 you can get a¬†FREE Perforated Pizza Pan¬†with every $150 purchase. To receive your¬†free pizza pan, just add it to your order, then at checkout go to “Redeem a Coupon” and enter the following code: pizzatreat2011. The cost of the¬†pizza pan¬†will automatically be removed.

All ManPans are:

  • Made in the USA¬†
  • Non-toxic and stick resistant surface¬†
  • Durable and metal utensil safe¬†
  • Green, Eco-friendly Manufacturing¬†
  • Guaranteed: 30-day money back and limited lifetime warranty
The new Pizza line consists of a¬†Pizza pan,¬†two 9″ pie pans, and a¬†pizza rocker knife– which I must get!

*Thank you ManPans for sending me a Pizza Pan to review!! This is no way changes my opinions of the items. I have loved everything I’ve tried thus far. ūüôā¬†


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