I have so many wonderful products to tell you about and every time I make time to start blogging something comes up! Ella is now getting over a bout of MRSA. 2 weeks ago I noticed a boil which was extremely red and hard. It went away after a few days and then another boil appeared. This one was much harder and blue in the middle. The skin started to peel, so I called our Dr. They said to rush in, so we drove 2 hours to Charlotte to see her old peds.

They did a culture and it turned out positive for MRSA. After everything that I do to make sure my daughter stays healthy and away from harmful stuff, she gets the craziest diseases! Luckily we caught the MRSA in time and the antibiotics are working their magic. Fortunately the antibiotics weren’t resistant. My grandfather died this year from MRSA, so I had done my fair research and wasn’t freaked out.

MRSA is more common than ever in children and the elderly. It used to be rare and only found in hospitals or nursing homes. But the Dr. said lots of children are coming in with boils and 95% of them have turned out positive for MRSA. Which is extremely scary!

MRSA is now more common due to the over prescribing of antibiotics. Same with lots of other super bugs. So only take your child to the Dr. if they are running a fever over 101.5 and try to avoid antibiotics as much as possible. Ask your Dr. if they are 100% sure your child needs them if they are being prescribed. There are tons of natural remedies for ear infections, coughs, colds, and even the flu.


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