Guess Who Is Back??

I am finally back!! I’ve missed everyone!!! I know it has been forever and I so apologize. Ella had a tonsillectomy which has seemed to stop her monthly fevers! They diagnosed her with PFAPA and tonsillectomies have a 60% chance of curing PFAPA. Which it seems to have done!

Right after she recovered and I was about to begin blogging again, my grandfather passed away. I have been VERY fortunate to have 6, yes 6, grandparents alive being 30 years old. I am glad he is no longer suffering, but it was really hard for my family.

Then right after his death, I had my deviated septum corrected and my left turnbinate reduced. Apparently I couldn’t breathe out of my left nostril which was causing all of my sinus problems. So, now that Ella and I have finally figured out what has been causing us to stay so sick I wanted to get back into blogging and passing along great eco info!!

As you may remember, I started working from home! I now am with Franklin Goose and absolutely LOVE my job! I have learned so much more than I could ever imagine. We are about to open a store in Richmond, VA so it has been tons of fun preparing for the opening. I have also enjoyed getting to order new eco-friendly things!

So stay tuned for some great reviews that are coming up! I will be getting back into giveaways very soon! But I don’t want to jump back in with two feet and end up leaving you hanging again. I look forward to hearing from everyone! How has your summer been?


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