It’s Pouring

In my house, when it rains, it pours. Friday I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. (Great movie- but not for young kids!) Saturday I woke up with a swollen red eye. Every time I blinked, it felt like there was sand inside. It was really uncomfortable and I just figured it was pink eye. The 3D glasses were recycled, so I thought they might not have cleaned them well. Then when I woke up yesterday my eye was normal. But Ella had green gunk coming out of her eyes and nose. She also developed a fever and cough. Last night, I went upstairs to grab her blanket and the vacuum and then fell down 1 stair. Yes, 1 stair. Ella had called my name as I was taking a step down and I skipped a step, twisted my ankle and then fell on it as it was twisted. 2 hours later I was in urgent care and have a really bad sprained ankle. They put me on crutches and a air cast. Of course it is my right ankle so I can’t drive.

Ella woke up with a fever today and her eyes were so swollen and gunky, I had a friend pick us up and take us to the doctor. The doctor said she has an ear infection, conjunctivitis, and haemophilus. Though, he didn’t test for haemophilus. When we got home Ella’s fever went up to 104.5!! I called the doctor and talked to the nurse about her diagnosis. I had forgotten what he had said since he said it so nonchalantly. I didn’t think it was serious. After the nurse told me and I researched it, I freaked out! Ella has been vaccinated for HIB but apparently vaccinated kids can still get it. The nurse said it should clear up in 1-2 days, so my fingers are crossed. Not to mention it’s really hard taking care of a sick kiddo when you are on crutches!!

So, I’m taking a day or two off to recoup. Not to mention I’m a bit groggy from the pain killers… I’d hate to write a slack review for the great products I will be telling you about!


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