Why I’ve been slack…

So I’m sure everyone is wondering why Mkokopelli has been so slack over the past month. I do promise it’s been for very good reasons! It seems like these past few months have been blurs with all of the drama and chaos going on. But for once, everything is starting to fall into place!

Last week, my ex-husband finally signed over the deed to the townhouse!!! For those who don’t know, I’ve been trying to get him off the deed since November. Long story… but I finally have a real-estate agent listing the townhouse and am hoping it will sell soon! She is very enthusiastic and I’m hoping that chapter of my life will soon be closed. Not to mention the extra mortgage payment.

Another big thing is that we are putting the house that we live in now on the market as well. 😦 I will be really sad to leave this house. Especially leaving behind Ella’s fairy room that we designed! I have to keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason. We might be moving to a different city, but are uncertain of everything right now. That sounds scarier than it really is. The only thing I’m dreading is packing and trying to keep the house clean.

We also have reconnected with Ella’s father and have been getting to know one another again over the past 2 weeks. He left for CA for 6 weeks yesterday, so we tried to fit in as much time as we could. Seeing Ella with her dad has brought on many different emotions- especially since they were apart for 3 years. But like I said, things are falling into place. 🙂

Ella and I both have nasty colds right now… so as soon as we are better I will be back in full swing of things. I have so enjoyed writing Mkokopelli and don’t want to disappoint my readers! Thanks for all sticking with me through this!


3 thoughts on “Why I’ve been slack…

  1. WOWSA any one of those things would be a lot so put em all together and WOWSA I bet your head has been spinning! You're oh so right everything happens for a reason. I know how ya feel about packing and cleaning…no fun! I 'll be praying for your family!!



  2. Where ever you are, you and Ella are wished the best in life. Whatever you do, I hope you would still find time to write Mkokopelli. Moving is hard…….but, hey, you would get spring cleaning done. lol I suppose Ella is exceptionally happy to have a father in her life…I doubt she remembers the again part.
    Marj M.


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