Did you miss me?

So I’m sort of back from hiding! I promise it’s been for some good reasons. The New Year has inspired me to want to make some true changes and goals. I always get down in the dumps during the winter and the holidays put me there a littler earlier than normal this year. I was very thankful for being with the family I was with, but it was also really hard to deal with who was/is missing. 😦

But, I’ve decided to start looking into some freelance writing positions (so if you know of any- please let me know!) and I’m also thinking about writing a Eco book. I did spend 4 years prepping myself to write a novel and I’m now inspired to do it! We’ve also been thinking about relocating and I’d really love to just sell it all and head to Ireland or Australia. 🙂

But as for Mkokopelli I will be back in full swing of things next week with an exciting Eco Friendly Birthday Bash!! Ella turns 3 on the 19th and we are throwing her an amazing Eco friendly Kids Kitchen Party on Saturday. So there will be some fun reviews and giveaways coming your way! And as much as I’d like to avoid the holiday, I will be having a Eco Valentines Event starting after the Bday bash!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. I truly urge you to write that Eco book. I would get one without a second thought. There is no site I know of that gives us the best information on Eco-Friendly Any and Everything.
    I know I could retain more information if there were a book written by you to turn to.
    Thank you for all that you do.
    Marj M.


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