The past 10 years

I decided to take a look back over the past 10 years to see what’s happened…

2000 Figured out I wanted to become a writer instead of marine biologist after receiving my bio grades. Worked for Reel Carolina writing/editing.

2001 Turned 21. Made Dean’s List. Met Matt- the exhusband. 2 days later met Perry- the “could have been.” Read over 100 novels. Followed the Tool Lateralus tour.

2002 Traveled to San Fran to follow Tool. Went to Jelly Belly factory. Got engaged. Made Dean’s List. Read another 100 novels. Volunteered at underprivileged children’s center and taught creative writing. Started writing a novel. Graduated. Bought first townhouse.

2003 Got married. Traveled by car cross country. Vegas!! Had appendectomy 2 days after trip. Looked for a job. Got a puppy- Priscilla. Wrote for a food/nightlife magazine and sold ad space.

2004 Got pregnant. Lost baby. Managed photo studio.

2005 Got pregnant. Lost baby. Started infertility treatments. Moved up in management at photo studio.

2006 Caught husband doing drugs & other things. Broke. He failed rehab and counseling. Then ran away to FL. My BF moved in. Got promoted to studio manager. Fell for Perry the “could have been.” Got pregnant. Got dumped. Got fired. Sued.

2007 Had a healthy baby girl. Divorced finalized 2 weeks later. Started photography company. Met great friends through Gymboree classes. Loved cuddling with my baby girl. Moved in with my mom. Watched Ella grow.

2008 Started working for photo sports company on weekends. Started working for the Observer’s Mom website. Started Eco- lifestyle. Terrible 2’s began at 18 months. Lost contact with Ella’s grandparents.

2009 Stopped doing sports photos. Started blog. Lost 40 pounds. Chopped off 14 inches of hair. Terrible 2’s. Published several times in the Charlotte Observer. Met amazing friends. Featured on several websites. Trying to sell townhouse.

I just hope these next 10 years start off like they did 10 years ago!! I had a great 5 and a not so great 5. What has happened in your past 10 years? I’d love to hear!!


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