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This giveaway has ended. Thanks to all that entered!

πŸ™‚ Yes, the name of my next Eating Healthy review makes me smile. I couldn’t resist contacting Ella’s Kitchen… but you should know their products are very worthy of making the list! Ella’s Kitchen makes certified organic Stage 1 Baby Food and yummy organic Smoothie Fruits for all ages. Though, the Stage 1 baby food can be eaten by any age child (or adult) as well. All of the ingredients are 100% organic fruits and veggies with nothing else added- not even water! The fruits and veggies are pureed and have been sieved to take out any insoluble bits like seeds, skin and cores.

The cool thing about Ella’s Kitchen products is that they come in a re-screwable pouch that can be stored for later. Later meaning within 48 hours of them being opened. This is great for on the go feedings, packed lunches or snacks. Plus your child can drink from the pouch! If you are trying to teach your baby how to eat from a spoon, you can simply pour the food on to a spoon- without having to dirty a bowl. You can also warm the food by placing the pouch in hot water- but if you do warm the food, don’t store for a later use.

Ella’s Kitchen began in the UK by Paul Lindley, the dad of a little girl named Ella. He has great taste in names. πŸ˜‰ With the rising rates of childhood obesity, Paul wanted to create a nutritional product that kids would think is cool- even if it is healthy for them. The one thing I read about the company that made me believe in them even more was this, “we promise we will never put profits first.” Too bad other companies don’t take on that promise! Right now Ella’s Kitchen is the fastest growing brand of baby food in the UK and now is offered in the US. You can find Ella’s Kitchen at Babies R Us and even Toys R Us! To all my Canadian readers- don’t worry!! They will be reaching you soon and I’ll be back with another giveaway just for you. πŸ™‚

We were sent all of Ella’s Kitchen products to review and they were very yummy! I joined Ella in a taste party the night that we got them. She went through both Smoothie Fruits in 10 minutes. The Red One is made with organic bananas, organic strawberries, organic apples, organic raspberries and organic lemon juice. Next Spring I will have to blend this with some ice because this would be an amazing frozen drink! The Yellow One is made with organic bananas, organic apples, organic mangoes, organic apricots and organic lemon juice. The lemon juice is added since there are no preservatives and the high acidity helps keep nasty bugs out. Don’t worry, the high natural acidity of the lemon juice won’t hurt your little one’s tummy! The texture of the Smoothie Fruits are exactly like what you would make at home, but I’ve never made one that tastes this good.

The Stage 1 Baby Food, for ages 4 months+, comes in organic apple + banana, carrots, apples + parsnips, broccoli, pears + peas, peaches + bananas, strawberry + apples, and my favorite- sweet potato, pumpkin, apples + blueberries. Ella only did not like one of them and I’m sure you can guess it… the green stuff. I love the fruit blends and they have made great snacks/drinks for Ella in the afternoon. You can also get creative with the Baby Food or Smoothies and add them to oatmeal, breads, yogurt, dressings, cake or ice cream toppings, sauces and more. Ella really enjoyed the peaches + bananas with her oatmeal last week. The sweet potato, pumpkin, apples + blueberries hit the spot when I was craving pumpkin. I wasn’t sure about the combo at first, but it went together really well! I’ve got to get some more and try making granola with it.

The Giveaway: Ella’s Kitchen would like to 1 lucky reader 1 of every product that they carry! That is 6 Stage 1 Baby Foods and 2 Smoothie Fruits.

Rules: You have until 11:59 p.m. EST November 5, 2009 to enter. The winner will be chosen by random.org and announced after they respond to the winning email. The winner has 48 hours to respond to the winning email, or a new winner will be chosen. You must leave your email address! This contest is only open to the US

How to Enter: Visit Ella’s Kitchen and tell me what is your favorite flavor, plus Become a friend of Ella’s Kitchen. Click on “Comments” to leave your post. Make sure to leave your email address!! I cannot contact the winner without it!

EXTRA entries: You must complete the “How To Enter” before making any extra entries. Make sure you leave a comment for each extra entry and tell me which one.

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6. Tell me 1 of the top 10 reasons why organic is better or any other useful info you found on Ella’s Kitchen
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*New Disclaimer- I was sent all of the products above from Ella’s Kitchen to review for free. This in no way changes how I feel about the company. These are my results, thoughts and opinions.


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  1. Organic food is better because

    4. Organic farms respect our water resources. Organic farming doesn’t use polluting chemicals which is better for our water resources.



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