Something I Don’t Like About Being Eco-friendly

I’ve been frustrated and want to vent about the issues I’ve had lately with becoming Eco-friendly. Well, it’s just 1 issue. We bought Ella a crib that converted to a toddler bed and then to a full sized bed. When we moved the dumb movers who disassembled her crib lost our instructions that were neatly stored in a pouch under the crib. So when I ordered Ella’s new Eco Foam Mattress (stay tuned for a review at the end of the month) I thought the headboard was a twin and not a full size.

Let me first tell you how hard it is to find a Eco-friendly bed under $500. Not the mattress. But bed itself. I wanted a wood that wasn’t treated and if painted- Eco-friendly paints were used. After MONTHS of searching, we decided to use her existing headboard, cover it with bamboo batting and create a bamboo fabric headboard. Well, we finally got our mattress this week and went out to buy the metal rails to hold the mattress. My mom measured the headboard and not the mattress, so when we went to the mattress store we gave them the full size measurements. They didn’t have them in stock and sent us to another store. We then went to the fabric store to pick out what we wanted for the headboard and then headed to pick up our hardware. When we got home and assembled the bed we then realized the mattress was too small!! As I was sitting there trying to figure out how Ella was going to sleep that night since it was her bed time, it dawned on me we had my old bottom bunk bed in our garage. Yes, after all of that, we had what we needed right in our garage.

So we took apart the new bed, lugged the heavy wooden bunk bed up 3 flights of stairs and put it together. I then spent 4 hours searching the internet for Eco-friendly sheets and a comforter since our old stuff won’t work anymore. It’s hard finding affordable organic or bamboo comforters!! But, stay tuned till the end of the month for Ella’s bedroom debut. I hopefully will have her bedding completed by then- fingers extra double crossed! We’ve been here 2 years and I’m so ready to have her fantasy land room completed!


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