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Do you ever have one of those amazing days with your child and then they just end blah? Today was one of those days for us. We took the Lynx light rail uptown to catch the Street Beat team doing a demo of their tour. Ella hasn’t been on the Lynx in a while, so I knew it’d be a treat. She was perfect on the 30 minute ride and was a trooper walking uptown to our destination. We met some friends for a lunch outside with all of the business workers, I’m sure they loved our group of 2-3 year olds, and then headed inside to watch the dancers and drummers. I was impressed by the trashcan drums! Ella started dancing immediately.
She was ready to go on stage herself! After the show was over we went over to the dancers and Ella told them that they did a good job. They then invited her on to the stage, but I had to say no because I knew I’d never get her off! We then walked to the park that we took our Fall photoshoot pics and the girls ran around happily for an hour. Luckily, no fountain mishaps.

Then we headed back to the Lynx and when we got on there were no seats. So we had to stand up holding on to the polls. That’s when our lovely day slowly took a turn for the worst. Ella started running around and bumping into people. Finally a seat opened up and she didn’t want to sit. I hate having to raise my voice in public, but it got to that point. I had hoped she’d fall asleep on the way home, but no such luck. She went to her room when we got home where she screamed for an hour and then started trashing her room. I finally caved in and got her up to deal with a whiny brat the rest of the night.

So it was a 50/50 day and I’m exhausted! Do you ever have perfect days with your children that slowly fade into horrible ones?


One thought on “Fun Stuff

  1. haha. The vid is really cute. Of course we have those types of days, at least once a week. My son is only 18 months but he's trying to start his terrible two's early.


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