Pray for baby Stellan

Last night I started following a Twitter feed from MckMama and it broke my heart. Her son, Stellan has SVT and is in critical condition. He is a very special little boy who was diagnosed with heart failure in the womb. MckMama was told her son would be a stillborn and amazingly Stellan lived. At 4 months old he suffered from SVT again and was also diagnosed with PFO, a hole in his heart. He had a partially successful heart procedure at 5 months and he was hanging in there . He is now reaching his 9 month birthday and is need of your prayers. His SVT is back and he is barely urinating because his heart can’t keep up to keep his kidneys functioning. Stellan has a low ph and low bicarbs. He’s in some kind of metabolic, acidotic state. His body temperature is 94.7 and he is pale with cold extremities and thready pulses. He really, really needs help to get out of this hole. So if you could, please keep Stellan in your prayers and thoughts. You can read Stellan’s full story at My Charming Kids.


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