I’m back!

I’ve been the biggest slacker in the world! I’m sorry and hope everyone enjoys the new blog. We have had an extremely busy past 4 months with lots of new adventures. One of the biggest changes has been I chopped 14 inches off of my hair! I cried for a week, but now love it and the fact that a child fighting cancer will have a wig made with my hair. Ella is growing like a weed and has become the most precious child. Though, we still have our bad days, but that is to be expected out of a smart child. Right now her 2 favorite saying are, “not talking about it” and “it’s not crazy, it’s genius.” I haven’t a clue where she gets half of the things she says, but I love what comes out of her mouth.

I have begun selling scrapbook supplies through Memory-Works. If you are a scrapper, please check out the great supplies! My site is Michelle at MemoryWorks You can buy through me, or throw a scrapbook party in which you will get free stuff if your guest make purchases! I took a 3 month scrapbook hiatus, but have now begun scrapping again and can’t wait to share my new projects. You can see some of my new stuff in the slideshow. I have won 2 contests in the past month with some of my new work. Here are my 2 winning projects.

I also have begun writing deals for MomsCharlotte. I have been published 3 times in the Charlotte Observer for some lists that I have been creating. Like places kids can eat for free, free outdoor music, free movies and more! You can check them out at MomsCharlotte Resources I still write the calendar and will be doing a Summer feature with daily events to go do in Charlotte.

During my deal finding I’ve come across some amazing blogs that have fabulous giveaways. I have won a necklace and baby towel that keeps you from getting wet at http://babyluxedaily.com I also have won a beautiful fairy necklace made by The Pretty Peacock and was given away by Sandier Pastures If you are looking for a custom made necklace, you have to see their designs. I hope to blog about freebies and contests that I find… so be on the look out!

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