Busy Busy

Bad blogger again, I know. We were busy all week, which was a good thing! We got to hang out with Danica and Isabella a lot, which was a lot of fun. We went to Monkey Joe’s, which the girls had a blast and went to Mr. Nigel’s story time. Ella was shaking her booty and I so wish I had it on tape. It was too funny. We also had Elijah’s birthday party to attend on Saturday. Here are a few cute pics. My cousin Kathy came down Saturday and spent the night. So we hung out with her all weekend. Monday was just an off day and my brain never woke up. I got some bad news that CMS has not let anyone in through lateral entry for elementary school in quite some time, so I need to get my teaching certificate if I want to teach. So I get to look into schools to see if I can get in. Hopefully I can get a grant to cover tuition! It’s always something… Tuesday I cleaned most of the day and organized my scrap area. Ella was clingy and sleepy wanting her passy. This is her watching Tinker Bell.
Yesterday Isabella and Danica came over and the girls played dress up. They were too cute! I love Ella finally has a girl friend to play girly stuff with. Today we had a bad day since the kiddo woke up at 12 last night and was up until 2 then up again at 7. She was talking about some tigers, monkeys and pigs jumping, so who knows what that was about. I’ve been back into scrapping, so check out the slideshow and see the new stuff. 🙂 I love being back into my groove. Hope everyone is having a great week!


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