Wow, what a day!

It started with me pressing the snooze button at 9, yes Ella was still sleeping, and somehow the snooze button didn’t work and Ella starting crying 9:30. I had to rush to feed her, get us both dressed and get directions to the Mint Museum in 45 minutes. During all of this I totally forget that the PRAXIS scores were posted and remember on the road. We met Danica, Isabella, Jon and Jane at the museum for toddler art. Ella wasn’t that into the project and kind of moody. I don’t blame her since I rushed her out of the house before she had the chance to wake up. But the girls had fun playing with shape blocks. I enjoyed getting to actually meet Jon in person rather than cyberspace. He’s an awesome stay at home dad that is hysterically funny. As we were leaving, Ella was walking around in the lobby which is covered by glass walls. She walked straight into the wall trying to get out. It was sooo funny. Just the look on her face. She didn’t get hurt, other than a red bump on her noggin. I wish I had it on tape.

Afterwards I had to run home to check my score and of course the computer wouldn’t load the page. I felt it was an omen and I was wasting time trying to see that I failed. I went downstairs and got on my computer and scrolled down the page to see PASSED!! I started to cry and called mom. I can’t believe I passed. So now I get to begin the new chapter of finding a teacher position, fun stuff. We had a guy working on our deck and he was making too much noise for E to take a nap. So we went to Danica’s for lunch and to take the girls to the park. They had the best time playing and running around. Ella tried to hug Isa and ended up tackling her. They both fell and Ella ended up with a fat lip. The poor girl couldn’t catch a break today.
After the park we met mom for dinner at 5 Guys and Ella was just in a funky mood. So we came home and she went to bed. I searched for teaching jobs and of course there aren’t any openings right now. But I know with time, I will get to where I need to be. Hope everyone had a great day!


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