I now remember why I stopped reading. I get too addicted and can’t put a book down until I finish it! And I guess I’m not as fast of a reader as I was in college and it took me 5 hours to read 283 pages. I was up until 2 last night finishing Momzillas. Great book by the way. It totally put things in perspective and I’m glad (in a way) we don’t have money and I’m not around those kinds of moms. I think I’d go insane having to put up with all the social status bs. Some moms actually spend $10,000 on therapy for their toddlers giving up passy’s and bottles!!! Glad it’s not me and that I don’t know anyone that would do such a thing. So tonight I spent 3 hours surfing Barnes and Nobles for new books. I searched books about single moms or moms of toddlers and there weren’t really any good ones out there. I did find 4 books about being a mom, which mom let me order since they were $1.99 used. After not finding what I wanted in the search I decided maybe to start jotting notes about being a single mom and turn it into something. I know, I’m all over the place about what I want to do with my life. But I didn’t spend 4 years studying about something I was never going to use. Maybe this is the push I need to start writing again. Not that this plan is going to change my teaching goals or the goals I have that will lead up to that one. I’m thinking of it as a side project. 🙂

This morning I went to a MomsCharlotte event at Maggiano’s. It was nice to have the morning to do something without E. We learned how to make tiramisu and had a lecture from a lady who does Pure Romance parties. We got some awesome goodie bags…. LOL After the event I came home and had the whole house to myself!!!! Mom took Ella to meet my aunt Carol for lunch. This is the first time E went somewhere without me and it didn’t go as well as mom had hoped. Apparently she was in major meltdown mode throwing food and having a fit. Go figure. So they weren’t gone as long as I had hoped. I did have the house to myself for about 45 minutes. Enough to clean my living room to really loud music. I put Ella down for her nap and she woke up really crabby. We still went to the grocery and came home for dinner. She didn’t fall asleep until 9. Her fever only lasted an hour yesterday, so I don’t know if she’s fighting getting sick or just in a funky/off mood. Well, I’m going to bed. It’s been a long day!


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