Never ending

My sinus infection is back, again. I woke up yesterday and couldn’t breathe, so I called to see if I could get a doc appointment. We were supposed to meet our friends Danica and Isa at Monkey Joes so I called to cancel and she offered to watch Ella while I went to the doc. Which worked out perfectly since she lives behind my doctors office. I was a little bit nervous since I never have left Ella with anyone other than family, but figured she’d have more fun playing with Isa than waiting an hour to see the doc. Of course this office visit was the fastest they have ever been in the 17 years I’ve been going there. LOL It’s still a sinus infection and hasn’t gone to my lungs. I got back and Ella was eating lunch and playing away. It didn’t even phase her I was gone. Even though it was only 45 minutes. As we were leaving Ella tried to steal 4 of Isa’s toys. Danica offered to give her the pony, but I didn’t want Ella to think it was normal to leave with toys.
So Ella is in a My, Mine, and Ella’s phase. I don’t know where she heard my or mine. We do tell her that’s mommy’s or Nani’s things. But the fact that she knows what my/mine means blows my mind. This morning I was laying on the couch and Priscilla was laying on her flunky (blankie). Ella started saying, “poor baby, poor baby Ella. My flunkie, not Cilla’s.” I then told her it was nice to share, but she didn’t think so. Later on she handed me the ear thermometer, so I took her temp to appease her and she ended up having a 99.5 fever. I don’t remember any time that she’s had a fever. She seems normal but a bit more cuddly than normal. I hope she’s not catching what I’ve got. No fun!


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