Not in Charge

Ella started moving around at 8 this morning. I slept with the curtains open with high hopes and was pleasantly surprised to see a blanket of snow covering the ground. I jumped up and ran to get Ella. It’s funny how the inner kid can arise when there is snow on the ground. We walked downstairs and Ella started freaking out about the snow and how pretty it was. She was ready to go play the second she saw it, but we ate breakfast and then got dressed. I felt like I was the mom in A Christmas Story. It took at least 20 minutes to get her fully prepped and bundled for the inch of snow. For some reason this snow was a lot colder than the last. We played outside for just an hour this time. After losing all feeling in my toes I told Ella it’s time to go inside. She refuses and tells me she’s playing in the snow. I let her play a minute longer and then lost feeling in my legs, so I picked her up to bring her in. She then starts to inform me that, “mommy not in charge, not in charge. Ella play in snow.” I beg to differ on that one. I’m happy she enjoys playing in the snow, and if I had on half the clothes she did, I’d enjoy it too. But, no 2 year old is going to tell me I’m not in charge!! The rest of the day she tried to test me to see who was boss and landed her butt in time out quite a few times. Doesn’t she realize a non-stressed out mommy is sooo much more fun than the one who is constantly yelling- or holding my breath trying to reason with her? I’m trying to keep my voice down and talk it out- reason with her. But after telling her the same thing for the 20th time, my voice turns to a higher pitch. Argh!

I did get some good news today! I found a company that sells scrapbook stuff through hosting parties. And the great news is they sell the designers I adore!!! So, I’m going to look into becoming a consultant and hopefully can have a nice little business from it. Not only would I get great deals on scrap stuff, but I would be selling things that I’m passionate about. Oh, and did I mention selling them at parties? I’m stoked. I’m waiting to hear from a few consultants to see about their success and then decide if I’m going to go for it. Well, keep your fingers crossed that it works out! Hope everyone is having a great week!


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