Back to life

Sorry I’ve been bad, yet again. I got another sinus infection last week that really kicked my butt. It’s the never ending cold!!! I still have a cough, but feel ten times better. And the tooth ache went away!! I guess it was sinus issues. Last week at this time I had a 101 fever. Then the terrible 2’s started again and I was just too tired to blog about dealing with a stubborn spiteful toddler. πŸ˜‰
I’m listening to her talk to the 16 stuffed animals which she has to sleep with every night right now on the monitor. She can be so funny. I’m trying to change our bedtime routine so we are in her room more before her going to sleep. I got a dealing with a 2 yr. old book which I read last night that says its important to get them ready for bed an hour before. Tonight I tried to tell her to tuck her babies in 15 minutes prior and she ignored me and told me not to bother her. LOL I’ve never told her not to bother me, so I’m really curious to where she picked that one up! Before she got into bed, she had to ask “where is baby..” for each animal and then we had to kiss each one before putting them into the bed. She is really starting to develop sentences now. It’s so cool to actually have a conversation with her. Most of the time. The times she talks back is a whole other story.
Yesterday we had our first McDonald’s playground experience. My childhood best friend Laura has twins who are allergic to peanuts and McD’s is the only dining out place they can eat. So we met them there and they had a blast. I was shocked at how Ella kept up with all of the older children like she was no younger. We stayed almost 3 hours! It got crowded once, but they all played together nicely. We then ran some errands and came home for a nap. Of course after nap time the terrible 2’s began and it wasn’t a joyful evening.
Today we had gym. Her uncle Neil paid for 2 more months for her birthday! So I’m excited we don’t have to drop out just yet. Even though she was somewhat bratty today. Ari was there and she had to be by his side the whole time. Or screaming across the gym to find out where he was. But she didn’t want to participate in the group activities and freaked out when I made her. If she goes to preschool, she’s going to have to get used to it, so might as well start now. After gym we came home for lunch and she cleaned her room. I’m glad she takes an interest in cleaning up. Cause we all know I didn’t! After her nap we cleaned the house and played with her art stuff. Then we played with her blocks, which she built a tower that had 14 blocks stacked! I took pictures, but am too lazy to upload them. So I’ll be back with those. Most of the towers she builds have patterns which I think is pretty amazing. At first it scared me, but I talked to the doc about it and she said Ella is just OCD and that’s one of her things.
Other than that, we really haven’t had much going on. I do have an interview tomorrow with Gateway academy. I’m not so sure how I feel about it just yet since that school wasn’t on my list of where I wanted E to go. But I get to spend 2 hours there tomorrow to check it out. I hope everyone has been doing well! Hopefully E will give me a break and the new strategies I learned last night will get us through this rough time and I’ll be in the mood to blog more. πŸ™‚


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