We had another fabulous day. It was so nice to wake up to a snow covered yard. 🙂 As soon as Ella saw it she started yelling snow!!! She had her 2 yr. check up today and I thought it would be canceled due to the snow, but it wasn’t. So we got dressed and hurried out to make it in time. She is doing great and is still in the 95 percentile for weight and height. She got a shot today and the nurse told me to hold her hands. Well, I held one hand and the other she had a sucker. I didn’t think she’d drop the sucker, which she did and cut her hand on the needle. I didn’t react in time to her trying to pull it out… I feel horrible for not fully listening. But 2 seconds later she was fine and back to sucking on her sucker. We came home and she got her snow gear on and we headed outside. She had a blast! Amy, Sean and Elijah came out to play with us. Elijah wasn’t having as much fun, so they went in. We played a little bit longer then came in for lunch and a nap. She woke up pretty cranky, but we played outside for another hour and a half. It was totally fun even though she was a scrooge. Her gloves were wet from earlier and she touched the snow with bare hands and freaked out. I put big kid gloves on her, which didn’t allow her to move her fingers around. But after a while she got used to it and had fun. As we were playing in the front yard we realized we had a package, so we came in to open it. It was some clothes for her new doll from Aunt Charlotte. She flipped out wanting to put the clothes on herself. It was funny. We played around, had dinner and she went to bed. I hope the snow is still here in the morning. I didn’t get my fix.


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