B-day Party

Ella’s birthday party was wonderful!! We all had a blast. My aunt Carol and her hubby Jeff came down from Raleigh, which was extra special since they weren’t able to make it last year. Ella had her friends Aiden and Elijah over. They all were super cute playing around. Mom painted a Pluto dog so they could play pin the tail on Pluto, which they all were able to do. I turned the train table into an art table so they could draw and color Mickey Mouse pictures, or in Aiden’s case, write the alphabet and numbers. He is truly a prodigy child and only 6 months older than E. People arrived between 2 and 3 and Ella was getting antsy seeing all her gifts. So she decided to go and get them and start the party. It was like how I imagined she would be at Christmas. Everyone was laughing at how she would unwrap, look at, then move on to the next gift. Oh, and she threw most of the cards or handed them to her uncle big J. She got some really cute clothes and toys. The adults went upstairs to watch the Duke game as we played downstairs. Rachael and Steve had to leave early since Rachael’s car broke down on the way here. 😦 Ella had insisted we make cupcakes instead of a Mickey cake, so we did the birthday song and E pigged out. She really enjoyed them. LOL Everyone hung out for a while after cake since we were having so much fun. I was good this year and got most of the party on video. But I slacked off in the picture department since my aunt was taking pics and everyone else used my camera. So, sorry again if there weren’t any pictures taken of you!!! Well, I’m off to relax. It’s been a long weekend!


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