We just got back from previewing a preschool, which I loved, but was in complete shock when I got the paper that goes over the fees. $247 a week to go full time!!! WOW! Granted, they provide 2 meals and a snack, plus diapers and wipes. Mr. Nigel, our favorite story time guy, goes there twice a week for music play. Which I think is pretty awesome. They are hiring, so hopefully they will call me in for an interview. I’ve decided to try preschools until I get my results back, and if I failed, at least I have a job until I pass. But, if I don’t get the job then Ella will miss out on an awesome place. The only catch is even if I do get hired I’m not sure if they would have a spot for her in the 2 yr. class. They are on a waitlist until August. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything. Fingers crossed. 🙂

Yesterday I hung Ella’s paintings on the art wall and pointed them out to her. She said, “very nice.” Then I told her what a big ego she has, in which she replied, “very very very good.” I cracked up. She was being extraordinarily cute, so I snaped a few shots. I told her to say cheese and this is what I got:

My little ham. Only if she’d do that with the back drop up. Well, we are preparing for the little one’s b-day party this weekend. I still can’t get over she will be 2. Last night she was running around the house and cutting corners like a champ. It seems like yesterday she was tripping over her own feet every 2 steps. Hope everyone is having a great week. I’ve got to run to a meeting. 😦


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