Some funnies

Ella is a riot. She is one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met. Just with the little things she does. I’m going to miss seeing them all day when I start working. So last night we were rocking and reading books. I finished reading and asked her if she was ready to go to bed. She then starts naming everything on her wall, then goes through some of her new vocab- one being tyrannosaurus rex, then looks at me and says, “ass-Hole, asshole, Ass-Hole, asshole…” then smiles. She has started saying words with a wide mouth to enunciate, which she was totally doing. I about lost it. She learned the word over a month ago and only said it once, then said a different word which sounded like it, so I wasn’t sure if she had picked up on what I had said (I was yelling about something, ooops) or was trying to say something else. Well, I guess she did learn it and kept it on file. If she says it again we will have the talk about words we don’t say… but it wasn’t the right moment last night.

Today we tried finger painting. I was scared she wasn’t going to like it, and I was right. As soon as I smashed her hand in it she freaked out. She kept screaming, “Wash hands! Ella dirty!! Dirty hands. Wash hands mommy. Yucky!” I tried to paint with her to show her it was ok and moved her hands around in the paint. She wasn’t having it. I did get her to make a hand print picture, which is pretty cute. I cleaned her up and we went downstairs to play. Her tummy has been hurting all day, so we didn’t do much. I wish she didn’t have her tummy issues. I’ve been keeping tabs with all the fiber she’s eating, and she’s getting enough. I wish there was something I could do. Everything I’ve read has said she’s probably holding it in so she doesn’t have to use the potty. But I haven’t enforced going potty unless she asks. I guess that’s what to be expected with a stubborn child.
Well, I’m going to finish watching Idol. Hope everyone is having a great week!


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