I know…

I’ve been a horrible blogger, I’m sorry. From fighting colds, to studying for the PRAXIS, being addicted to Facebook and working on the calendar, I’ve had no time or energy to blog.

But the good news, well maybe, is that I took the PRAXIS on Saturday, so I’m done with the books!!! Bad news is that all the stuff I studied for wasn’t on the exam and I have no clue how I did. Lets just say I would be very surprised if I passed. So who knows what is about to happen. But I have a feeling things are going to turn around soon.
Miss Ella has been a horrible sleeper the past week. She’s been waking up every night before I go to bed screaming about a “hairy, scary pig” that is in her room. I’m not sure if she’s just playing me to get into bed with me, because she’s really good at making things up to get her way. Or it could be a legitimate nightmare/fear. Luckily, the past 2 nights she’s slept through the night. Fingers crossed that phase is over!!!
We’ve been home bound pretty much for the past few weeks. I’ve been studying my butt off and fighting 2 colds. Mom caught them as well, but luckily Ella has stayed well. We did head out to the mall this week, twice, to mall walk. The mom’s board I’m on is having a weight loss support group and I only have 6 more pounds to lose to reach my goal. I’ve lost 18 pounds in the past 5 months and am really happy. Rachael came over to take pictures of the new me and for me to get some of her for her facebook page. I thought since I had my stuff out I’d try to get Ella’s 2 yr. pics. That child has a mind totally of her own! I asked her to smile and she said no. She did everything she could not to smile. Then when it was my turn to have pictures taken she couldn’t stop getting in the pictures. Even though she still wouldn’t smile and kept sticking her tongue out at me. The little stinker! So I get to try again this week, which I’m not looking forward to. Here are a few of the pics that were taken:

Well, I’ve got to catch up on some calendar work and maybe get some scrapping in. It’s been over 2 months since I’ve created a new page and I’ve been itching to play. Even though I haven’t a clue what scrap goodies I have since I haven’t been able to afford any new stuff in 3 months. But hopefully I have something to work with. Hope everyone isn’t as heart broken as I am about the Panthers. That was such an ugly game!!!!


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