OK, now it’s really over

All of the Christmas decorations are down, well at least in my living area. It’ll take mom forever to get hers down since she has 10 boxes worth of stuff out. But, I had to rid my room and the blog of all holiday reminders. Mom got sick again and I started to get the crud again Sunday, but woke up today feeling better. I had enough energy to clean and rearrange my living room, which looks amazing! I moved the tall bookshelves to where the other bookshelf was. Then moved that one to the wall Ella’s toy box was. Then moved all of Ella’s stuff to the wall that had the 2 tall bookshelves. So one side of the room is mine and the other is hers. I LOVE it! It opened up so much more space. We hopefully are going to paint the baseboards this week, so my room will be complete. I want it done before Ella’s birthday in case we have the party here. It’s up in the air right now between Chuck E Cheese and here. I wasn’t going to do anything big, but then got an email from Chuck E and thought that might be fun. On her actual b-day I’m taking her for a pony ride at a local park. Well, I don’t really have much to blog about. We’ve been taking it easy. I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year!!!


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