1 Month

Can you believe E will be 2 in a month? I still can’t get over it. We’ve had a boring week. I’ve had a sinus infection, which I finally broke down and went to the doctor Thursday. I got some good meds and am feeling better. Not 100%, but at least not dead on the couch. Ella has had an upset tummy all week. She’s been pretty good during the day other than being bored, but is having trouble sleeping.
Yesterday I ran upstairs to get my cookbook to look over what was in store for Christmas dinner and I forgot I left a bag of mini Oreo’s on my scrap table. I came back down (2 minutes, if that) to find Ella on the floor with the bag turned upside down stuffing her chipmunk face with the cookies saying, “mmmmmmm!” She had probably 15 cookies in her mouth and just kept stuffing them in. I wish I had my camera out! It was too funny. We then watched the Nutcracker on TV and Ella was in love. She danced to most of the movie and learned how to curtsy. If you have 5 minutes, watch below.

Last night was the worst of her sleeping issues. Ben is in town and I felt up to going to his mom’s Christmas party last minute. Wickett barked and woke her up before I left, so I went and gave her the passy that she had thrown (I love the video monitor!) and came back downstairs to get ready. She was still crying when I left, but I thought she’d just go back to sleep 5 minutes later like usual. Mom called me after I got to the party and said I had to come home. I waited 15 minutes and tried calling back to see if she had stopped and got no answer. So Ben came with me so I would go back out. She had stopped crying by the time we got home, but started back about 5 minutes later. I tried to comfort her, but it wasn’t working. We sat around for an hour waiting for her to fall back asleep, no luck. Ben needed to get back, so I got her out of the bed and took him back thinking the outing would make her sleepy and I hadn’t been drinking. Though by then I need quite a few shots! My plan didn’t work and we were up way past 3 a.m. I stopped looking at the clock by then. Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy mommy by any means. I needed that night out more than anything! Being stuck in the house for a week has gotten to the both of us and we aren’t really getting along at the moment. LOL

Today was another one of those days. She was cranky since Wickett barked and woke her up from her nap. Did I already say I hate that dog??? It’s 8 and she’s still not asleep! She’s tossing and turning in her bed. I don’t know what’s going on. No fever or any other symptoms. I need a night out to get my mo jo back. Hopefully I will get that chance this week on several occasions! For both of our sakes. 🙂


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