Coming up with a plan

So we are struggling beyond belief and are pretty close to losing the house. So that means I have to go back to work because I really don’t want to move again and love our life here. After 2 days of endless web searching, I’ve decided to take the PRAXIS and start teaching. I looked into it and the next test is January 10 so I went to buy the study books today. I’m a bit overloaded after reading the wrong book and going back to get the right one tonight. But, whatever it takes. We are even looking into getting a roommate. Those details will come later.
So after my book hunt this morning I took Ella to Rock Hill’s Christmasville to play in the fake snow. I thought she’d love it. Well, I guess I should just stop planning these trips because she hated it. I don’t know if there were just too many people or if she hated it on her hands. I picked up the snow to let her feel it and once it was on her hands she freaked out for me to get it off. I then started throwing snow balls at her and she loved that and even bent down to pick up one. But then remembered how it felt, so she didn’t do it. She started crying, so we left the snow area. Bummer! Neil came with us and we walked around to see the rest of the event. The website made it seem like it was a picturesque village and really it was crap. The Grinch made an appearance and Ella loved him. Go figure. She’s scared of Santa but likes the Grinch. We left shortly after and came home so I could hit the books. After reading 75 pages I decided to look something up on the CMS site and saw I was reading for the exam 00014 instead of 00011. No fun! Well, my eyes are blurry and I’m heading to bed. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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