Video past

Yesterday I watched an old video on my camera of Ella laughing hysterically, so today I felt nostalgic and put in one of E’s old movies. Man, where has the time gone? I got hooked and am now on the 3rd movie. Ella watched one with me and got upset that baby Ella had a messy face eating applesauce. LOL Then the video of her granddaddy singing at music fest came on and she danced and got a kick that granddaddy was on tv. She knew who he was right away. It was really cute. Too bad the camera was upstairs or I would have taped it. I’m editing old video’s right now and am about to put together another one. I’ve been slack and haven’t made a cd since Feb. And so much has happened since then. It all has happened too fast and now thinking she’s going to be 2 in a month, it’s sad. We’ve had a pretty good day and she’s been in a great mood once again. She sat on her train table for an hour putting blocks in bags then stacking them until they fell. My granddad bought her some blocks for Christmas and she loves them. Well, I’m going to get back into baby Ella land. Hope everyone had a great day!


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