I love Ella

She was in the best mood all day. I wish every day could be like this. She slept in until 10. I had to go wake her up so we could make it to gym. We got ready and made it there in time and she had a blast. Even though I thought she was going to give herself a concussion after hitting her head 3 times. And running head first into another little girl. But she didn’t seem to mind and got back up and kept running. I really hate our membership runs out in 2 weeks. She really loves it but I can’t afford to keep her in it. I prepaid this year with Christmas money from last year. And our membership runs out before Christmas this year. But such is life. After gym we ran by the scrapbook store to see Morgan since Ella has been asking about her all week. Ari is sick, so they didn’t make it to gym. I was good and didn’t get anything! Not that I had any money to anyways. But still… We then came home and she took a nap and had lunch. We then went outside so she could attempt to ride her bike. I got mom’s bike out to show her how it’s done. She got it once, but only got a foot before she forgot how to do it. We then played our chalk shapes game and she got distracted by sticks. LOL Mom came home and she put on mom’s high heels and walked around the house. She was just in a great funny mood making us laugh and enjoy every second of her. I got a lot of the day on video which I’ve been slacking on lately. Hope everyone had as great of a day as we did.


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