I’m glad to be back in routine and to be settled back into our normal life. Sunday my friend Laura came over to take pictures for her portfolio. Of course Miss Ella wasn’t in the mood and wanted nothing to do with pictures. Which stunk because I wanted a really good one for our Christmas cards! Laura and I ended up taking a picture that she was smiling (mom and I looked horrible) in and moved that face onto another picture that we looked good. I love technology! After the shoot I went to the MomsCharlotte Christmas party at Toy & Co. toy store. OMG that was the best toy store I’ve ever been in. They had some awesome things and Ella would freak out if I took her in there. They had the most beautiful baby dolls.

Yesterday and today we’ve been taking it easy. We ran out to Target yesterday to grab some necessities. But other than that, we’ve been in the house playing around. Today Ella pulled out all of her musical instruments and we walked around the living room making noise. She loved it. Well, I don’t have much else to blog about. Hope you like the new holiday blog. I’m really into the season this year. 🙂

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