We woke up this morning to see 2 deer sleeping in our yard. It’s such a nice warm feeling. I love nature and being a part of it. But I also love the city and convenience. It’s nice to be able to mix the two. We met mom for lunch at Chick fil a and then headed to find Ella a warm hat to wear tonight. After her nap, we played and got ready to go to the tree lighting. We got there around 5:30 and met our friend Alice and her son Charlie. We walked down to the stadium area where there was music and Ella got really scared. I took her out of her stroller and she stood crying, trying to figure out how to get back in. The children’s choir was singing and wearing Santa hats, so I think the hats are what did it. Rachael and Steve showed up and Rachael picked E up. She freaked out and wanted back in her stroller. LOL Steve finally ended up picking her up and after the children’s performance, we decided to take a walk in the mall to warm up. Alice and Charlie left since he didn’t have a stroller. After our walk we went back to the event and Rachael wanted to make a wax hand. So they stood in line and the Raggs started to sing. They are a kids band. Ella wanted out of her stroller, so I let her, figuring she wouldn’t go far. She ran all the way to the stadium where she started dancing and jumping around to the music. She LOVED them! After they finished singing, she clapped and said, “Thank you!!” The kid is too cute. We walked back to the line Rachael was still waiting in. They then lit the tree which was a MAJOR disappointment. The tree wasn’t as big as usual, the bottom left branches were missing (maybe due to the drought?) and half of the lights didn’t come on! There are usually TONS of lights and I haven’t a clue why it wasn’t the same this year. Then there was a firework show which was decent. Ella kept saying, “Wow! Pretty.” Then at the end she put her hands over her eyes and said, “it’s dark outside.” After the show Rachael was still standing in line and it was cold, so we took off. Ella wouldn’t wear her mittens and I don’t even know if they would have fit if I could get them on her. So I put my gloves on her since her poor fingers were bright red. The night wasn’t a total bust, but wasn’t grand either. I really thought the tree would have been amazing and Ella would have freaked out over it. But, she didn’t care and nor did I. The good news is there are over 30 holiday events going on from now until Christmas, so at least 1 of them is bound to be great!


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