22 months and at a good start

If I could clone Ella’s behavior today, I totally would. She was a doll. She woke up and was so proud she went poop poop in the potty last night. She talked about it most of the day saying what a big girl she was. We went to MomsCharlotte coffee and she had a blast. There were 5 kids there and she loved playing with them. They ranged from 5 mo. to 4 yrs. She shared with the babies and actually cleaned up her mess and another child’s mess. We then headed to gym and she had fun there. She was hopping around the room screaming in delight. Hopping is a new skill she has mastered. She just started doing it and loves it. After gym she came home for a nap and we ran to Target to get my prescription. During her nap, I pulled out my Christmas decor because I was just in the holiday spirit. We are going to Kinston on Wed. and mom thought it’d be easier to just put up the tree when we got back instead of everything else plus that. I wasn’t sure about it, but today it hit me. I guess writing the calendar and reading about all the holiday stuff just put me in the mood. Ella loved the snowmen I put out, especially the one that sings. She started dancing to them singing. Neil came over and took us to Olive Garden for dinner. She was an angel. Nothing like the last time. She was just in a great mood all day and the little girl that makes me smile and laugh. I hope it lasts and this is a great start for her being 22 months.


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