Ella’s gonna hate me

OK, some people said I’m going to mess Ella up for what I’ve done today, and if making her sit on Santa’s lap is the reason why she has a troubled childhood, then do be it. Some comments I got made me feel guilty, but then I just look at the picture again and laugh my butt off. So here is the story…
We woke up and met Angela, Aiden, Liz and Ethan at Northlake mall for Santa pics. Aiden had the same reaction as Ella but big crocodile tears. I sat Ella down and she screamed, stopped breathing, started to turn blue and I picked her up. No tears and was fine as soon as I held her. The stopping breathing thing is something new she does when she’s mad. I usually blow in her face during a tantrum and she catches her breath. So I give Santa a sucker to try and entice her to go to him. She wouldn’t. I went to sit on his lap and that didn’t work. I sat down next to him with her in my lap and she screamed. So I gave up and got the screaming picture. We went inside the snowglobe and she wasn’t happy in there either. So we went to change clothes and had lunch. Then we headed to the play area and let the kids loose. They played for an hour and then Ella ran to her stroller, got in and closed the tray. So we left and came home. She fell asleep in the car and was in a mood when we got home. After dinner we went upstairs to get ready for bed and she was sitting on the potty and my cousin Shannon came over. I told her to show Shannon what a big girl she was and to go potty for her. And she did! That’s 2 nights in a row she’s gone potty! So hopefully we are back on the road to potty training!!! Fingers majorly crossed.
So that was our day. Maybe I’m a bad mom for making her sit on Santa’s lap when she didn’t want to. But she never said she was scared and didn’t have tears, so I don’t feel that bad about it. And it’s a classic holiday photo that will go up every year. šŸ™‚

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