Fabulous Day!

Ever have one of those days that just works out? We got up early so I could get ready for a shoot that was in my neighborhood. Judi came down to babysit Ella while I did that and ran some errands. The shoot didn’t go as well as we had hoped and I’m going back to try again next weekend. But it was still fun and the kids were really cute.
After that, I went to my dentist to get my crown put back on. That wasn’t fun, but the best part was they didn’t charge me!! He said it was on the house and when I go back he’s going to give me a deal for a cleaning. Don’t know why, but am VERY thankful!
I had an hour to kill before my hair appointment, so I used the sitting fee money I had just gotten to go get a pedicure. Which I haven’t done in forever, so it was great. They had the best color purple I’ve ever seen, so it was another plus!
Then I got my hair cut by this awesome lady named Sadi. If you live in Charlotte, you’ve got to try her out! She’s at Carmen and Carmen in Ballentyne and make sure you tell her I sent you! She gave me so much cool info about hair, I loved it. Not to mention the best cut ever! I only got 3 inches taken off, but I’m growing it out to cut it in April to donate. The salon is giving haircuts for $20 until the end of the year to celebrate 25 years of service, so that was cool too!
I got home and Miss Ella was dressed up like a Princess. She was in such a sweet mood. So I decided to get her dressed and take her to the mall to get her holiday outfit for Santa pics since we have until the 26th to get them done. That’s when our coupon expires. We walked by the Santa that she loved last year and she totally freaked out. I took her up to him and she had a death grip on me and hid her head. Then she poked out her bottom lip and waled. Umm… not cool! We went into Gap to use our 30% off coupon and she was still unhappy from Santa. So it wasn’t a pleasant trip, but I was in a calm mood from the day, so it didn’t get to me. I didn’t like the outfit I had picked out online, so I had to search for something different. I found a silver dress hidden behind a bunch of clothes and it is PERFECT! I looked for the pj’s I found online, but couldn’t find them. I looked online tonight and they were gap.com exclusives, go figure.
After the mall we had to to by Target to pick up my fluoride prescription. And it was only $4! So today turned out to be fabulous in every way. I love good days like this!


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