What a wonderful day

Today was lots of fun. We went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s with Sarah and MaryJane. It was a blast! They had a butterfly event going on in the orchard conservatory, though we saw only a few butterflies. We got there and did 2 art projects. They colored and made some butterflies then painted using veggies. That was a great idea and we will have to try it at home. Ella loved the broccoli and beating it on the paper. It made a cool pic too. After that we went to the courtyard and watched some woman weave using different methods. Ella didn’t want to leave she was so entranced by the wheel, so she had a melt down. But once she got to the waterfall in the conservatory she was fine. She loved the water. They had fun running around playing. They really love each other! I’m so glad they are friends. 🙂 We finally came across a few butterflies on the way out. Then we had a picnic in the garden. Afterwards the girls then went through a mini willow maze. I think MJ loved it more than E, but it kept them busy for a little while. We walked around some more and ended up near some fountains. Ella really wanted to jump in and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to. We then walked to another fountain where you can walk under it as it shoots water over your head. Ella just took off under it. She got so wet! I went to play and to get her out… and after a minute of excitement she tripped over her boot, I saw her going over the edge and was able to grab her in time before she went completely under. Her left side, face to collar, went under for a split second. As you can see in the picture I was grabbing her before she actually fell. Every time I look at the picture I laugh my butt off. Mom said the day was supposed to be cold and windy, so I packed a coat. Luckily it was warm, so I still had it packed. So she walked around the garden in her coat and tights. LOL She didn’t care though and still had a blast. We took a train car around the garden and saw the rest of it. Then went inside to get our paintings. The girls stopped to watch a movie about the garden and I wish they sold it. I’ve never seen her sit so still and quiet. We got home around 2:30. She slept on the car ride home. Mom got her hair cut while we were gone! It’s short!!! But really cute. We then ran to Target and ended up getting Ella a few more Christmas things since they were on sale. I think she’s almost done believe it or not! I’ve never started this early. I even have the urge to start decorating, but am trying to hold off. I’m really in the mood this year. Well, I’m going to watch a movie while the rest of my 138 pictures upload! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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