Where did my baby go

I honestly about cried several times at the park today. We went to WR Davie to check out the scenery for a Moms Charlotte shoot I’m doing and we walked around then headed to the small playground. There are hardly ever any children out there, so it’s nice. Ella ran up to the big corkscrew slide, sat down and went down on her own. She didn’t need me for anything. She got on the airplane by herself and got off on her own. But this, this right here is what really got me.

I was just in shock seeing this. All I could think of is when did she grow up? The last time we were at the park she needed my help for everything and now she’s doing it on her own and doing fine! It was so sad, yet exciting to see she was smart enough to figure it out. The baby is officially gone.

We had an errands kind of day. After nap time we ran by mom’s to get her gas card. Then by the post office to mail out b-day cards. Then the park and after that to the grocery. Harris Teeter sent us a $25 gift card for me writing the company about the slow guy. I told them I didn’t want anything, but he needed some help. But I got that today, so we went to pick up dinner. The forgot to give me a bag of veggies, so I called when I got home and they brought me my stuff plus a $10 gift card! I made okra, cube steak and corn for dinner. Miss Ella had a blast chowing down on the corn.

She cleaned the whole cob! She is such the little piggy. 🙂 Well, I’m off to bed. We’re going to the botanical gardens in the morning, so you’ll be getting new pics tomorrow.


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