What a day

7:00 a.m. Priscilla starts barking and wakes up Ella. Not a happy camper. We get up and eat breakfast and I check my mom’s board to read a bunch of bs by gloating democrats being nasty to the others. I get pissy. We get dressed and go to our mom’s/dad’s coffee. Ella was trying to have fun and play with the other 2 little girls and they wanted nothing to do with her. One tried to kick Ella, and I swear if she had I would have flipped my lid. I started feeling bad that Ella was so outgoing, but then stopped myself and realized it wasn’t my kid who was in the wrong. They were the ones being brats and Ella was just being a normal 2 yr. old. During all of this, I have 2 vertigo attacks. Thankfully no headache, just blah feeling. We then go to gym which was across the street. Thankfully that went well. Ella participated in all the group activities and had a blast. We got home and I realize we lost Silvermist somewhere during our outings. I put Ella to bed and tear my car apart looking for it. I did find her sunglasses stuffed in a shoe that I’ve been looking for. The mailman comes and I get a note from my doctor that has, “no tumor, no stroke, ok.” Nothing else. I was relieved that there isn’t a tumor!!! BUT extremely ill at the fact they couldn’t call me to tell me the news or what we’re going to do next since something obviously is wrong since I’m still having attacks and headaches almost every day. They are going to get a phone call from me tomorrow. The alarm guy showed up and I totally forgot he was coming. It woke Ella up from her nap, so not a happy camper again. We think he fixed the problem, but who knows. We then headed to the mall to get another fairy since Ella kept asking for Tink Bell. After that we came home and played outside, made burgers and called it a night. I’m tired of these days.


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