1 more day

I’m SO ready for tomorrow night when the votes are in and these annoying phone calls are OVER! Elizabeth Dole- or her robot- has called 4 times today. Even though I don’t like her, I wouldn’t vote for her just for wasting so much money on stupid campaigning. Wouldn’t it be great if the politicians put their campaign money towards whatever they are passionate about rather than wasting it? I mean some of the bonds we are voting on tomorrow could be paid for by the money these people are using for no good. They could get free press from whatever they put their money to, and that would make me vote for them more than these stupid ads bashing one another. Sorry about my rant, but I’m OVER IT! I think most of my votes tomorrow are going towards the independent party. And for those wondering, I’m writing in Nader for president.
But about our day… Ella woke up in a mood today. It was a repeat of yesterday, though more crying. I put her down at 11 for her nap because she was sitting on her train table crying for no reason. Well, no reason she wished to share. After her nap we went to the mall to get out of the house. I had to take back some chapstick that broke for the second time and a candle that its wick burnt out too soon. They redesigned the play area, so I let Ella loose to play in little Mexico. They also added quite a few “rides” so she enjoyed that too. Rachael met us there so we shopped with her. Well, watched her shop. I really need to look into being a personal shopper. Rachael went to Victoria Secret and the lady tried to help her several times, but nothing worked. I went and picked out 4 items and she got them all. Go figure. After the mall we came home and the UPS guy arrived shortly after with a fabulous package from Aunt Charlotte. It had 4 nightgowns, a robe, a fan and a Silvermist doll/flower purse house. Ella was in heaven pulling everything out. I’ll take some pictures this week.
Well, I’m off to bed. We are going to get up early to head out and vote. FYI- If you take your vote sticker to Krispy Creme or Ben & Jerry’s you’ll get some free food!


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