What a day

After my drama this morning, I put Ella down for a nap and tried to relax. E woke up in a horrible mood, so I thought if I kept her busy we’d be ok. We went to AC Moore and Hobby Lobby in search in buttons for a project I’m working on. Couldn’t find what I wanted. Every time I’ve been to both stores, I’ve said I wouldn’t go back. And I still do. Maybe this time I will have learned my lesson. After the search we came home and Ella painted her pumpkins. She had a blast. But got bored after a while and threw a fit. I baked some cookies and started making a pizza and she lost it. I had an anxiety attack and couldn’t handle everything going on, so I took her to her room and went back to finishing dinner and dealing with the dogs. I took some blankets and pillows downstairs to set up a pallet. I put dinner on a tray and got E and we went downstairs to watch the new Tinker Bell movie I got today through Netflix. That instantly put her in a good mood. She loved the movie and watched the whole thing. After dinner, I put her in her Fairies pj’s and Tinker Bell wings. Then I went and got cookies and yes, I actually gave her one. 🙂 I then started a fire and we had a great time. She went down great and I did some calendar work. So, it was rough for a few, but turned out to be a pretty decent day.


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