I just need to vent before I explode… so Priscilla starts barking at 2 a.m. and I finally get out of bed to yell at her to hear the alarm going off and then my door bell rings and it’s the police. Yes, this does sound like the last time mom left, doesn’t it? I couldn’t get the alarm to turn off on mom’s floor, so I ran downstairs and it took me a few minutes to get it to go off. I then had to go back upstairs to explain to the cops that the alarm is a POS and there was nothing wrong. I go back to bed and hear the dogs barking again, so I get Ella and bring her in bed with me in case someone had broken in. The cops had searched the house- outside- so I figured everything was ok, but wasn’t going to chance it. Ella woke up at 5 ready to play. I was sooo mad! I put her back in her bed, then 2 hours later she woke up again. We finally got up and I called the alarm company to get this rude (insert many bad names). I mean after all the problems we’ve had with this system, you think they’d be apologetic or trying to please me, but I guess since they have me locked in a 4 yr. contract, why try. They can’t come out here until next Wed. It took everything out of me not to cuss this woman out. I think I’m going to call the manager once I settle down. I don’t’ want to be irrational. ARGH!


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