Good day, but…

I’m very technologically frustrated. It started off this morning while taking mom to the airport. My Itunes wouldn’t recognize my cd burner. I was trying to make Ella a cd of her music so she would chill out for car rides. She’s not been a happy camper in the car unless her music is on. And mom’s car doesn’t have a cassette player to hook up my Ipod. Anywho, we dropped her off and came home for E’s nap, still not able to figure out how to burn it or fix it. We then went to Sarah’s and MaryJane’s to play. Ella had a BLAST! She got to try out all the big girl toys and was in heaven. It was cool to see what she really liked for Christmas ideas. I definitely have to get her the dollhouse. She loved putting the Barbies on the furniture. Then she played with the kitchen stuff and put the pots and pans on the burners. MaryJane had tons of My Little Pony’s and Ella got a kick out of that. We went outside to play in their awesome back yard. Ella swung on a big girl swing. It about broke my heart. She actually held on and tried to pump her legs. My baby isn’t a baby anymore and I don’t like it! They played great for over 2 hours and it was time to leave so we could get home to feed the dogs and dinner. On our way out, Ella got side tracked by the Barbie Jeep and Barbie mustang, so the girls rode them around for 45 minutes. I couldn’t say no after seeing her laugh and scream in excitement. Where was my camera when I needed it?? I was against her having one of those until seeing her on one. Sarah gave us tons of hand me down shoes and some clothes. And she has great style. So it was a great day. We then ran by 5 Guys for dinner since Brian was working and that means free food. We got home and she went to bed and I tried to upload a picture to my website portfolio and of course my whole portfolio disappears. So I had to redo the whole thing. After that I looked online at toys trying to build a wishlist. It was exciting since she can actually have fun cool toys instead of baby stuff. I’m so glad I have a little girl 🙂


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