Good intentions

We got up this morning and Ella was kind of in a mood but had her moments. I went outside to drop my netflix in the mail and Amy and Elijah pulled up. Elijah saw Ella and had to come say hi. So they came over for a few and Judi showed up. We hung out for a few then they left and I headed upstairs for breakfast, computer time then started laundry and the playroom. By the time I started the playroom it was time for Ella’s nap, so I had to stop and go downstairs. Miles Davis didn’t work today. Ella was up whining for 2 hours. Judi went to sit with her until she finally gave in. I did my calendar work and hung some pictures. Then Ella woke up screaming. Her tummy was hurting and she needed to go potty. Which she did on the big girl potty. But after that she was in a bad funky mood which she never recovered from. Judi made her some homemade chicken soup for lunch, which she was too moody to try. I walked out and finished the laundry and heard her screaming mommy, so I didn’t get to the playroom. I felt bad Judi didn’t get good quality time with her, but she got to see the side I blog about regularly. I think some people who haven’t seen it don’t know how bad it can get. Though today wasn’t as bad as it has gotten lately. Judi left after E’s lunch and I tried to get her out of her funk, but it didn’t work. After dinner we attempted to read books and I finally gave up and took her to bed. I changed cd’s and Beethoven worked tonight. Not one peep. So maybe changing the music everyday will work. I hope. I’ve never seen a kid fight sleep like she does. I tried so hard to get her to be a flexible child, but ever since she started sleeping in the crib it changed. Unless I’m in the bed with her. Well, speaking of bed, I’m off. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and maybe I can tackle the playroom while she plays in her room. I really want to start it and have it done by Christmas. Her Christmas/b-day list includes a wooden kitchen set and doll house. And those aren’t going in my living room!


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