I got woken up at 7 by Ella wanting her passy. I couldn’t find it, so ran downstairs to find one. I went back to bed to get woken up again at 8 by the guys who are fixing our siding. Not a happy camper. We went downstairs and played and I got a bad headache. I tried to catnap, but the phone kept ringing and the banging and Ella throwing things on me, it didn’t happen. Mom came home to pay the guys and to tell me another guy was coming to fix our disposal. So I got dressed, gave E lunch and dealt with the plumber. Before he left, I put E down for a nap. She was screaming as he was leaving and I saw him talking to the house guys. Then everyone left. The plumber had a son who was E’s age, so I think he told the guys I was trying to get her to sleep. She of course screamed for an hour then fell asleep as soon as they got back. I think she slept 30 minutes. We then went to Goodwill to see if they had any sweat shirts since I don’t own one. They didn’t have ANY! Our heater is broken, so the house has been freezing the past 2 days and a sweatshirt would come in handy right about now. But, I don’t have $30 to go spend on one. The story of my life.
We got back and played outside then Neil came over and took us out to dinner. Ella was a demon. I had to take her outside to calm her down as soon as we got there. 20 minutes later I took her back in and she was ok for 15 minutes. She was obsessed over the spinach dip but once she licked it all off she threw the bread and melted down. We had to leave because she was screaming so loud and annoying this old couple behind us. I had to take my food to go and when I got home I realized the chicken was undercooked. Just my luck. I gave her to mom and said I’m done and that was that. I really hope this isn’t how things are going to be. I mean I could take her into Ruth’s Chris when she was a baby and she was almost
The guys didn’t finish the house today, so I get to look forward to waking up to them again tomorrow. And then dealing with the air guy and maybe the yard guys, if they show up. I guess I should be glad this is all happening before mom goes out of town next week so I don’t have a repeat of last time. But E’s outburst tonight didn’t make it any easier. Have you ever wanted to run away from your life or hit the fast forward button?


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